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Our gourmet custom cotton candy bar is like nothing you've ever had before! Guests can customize their flavors, toppings and sticks using our fun 3-step process:   Step 1. PICK A STICK- Guests choose from many fun stick options to have their cotton candy spun on.   Step 2. CHOOSE A FLAVOR- Guests choose from multiple flavors of cotton candy or they can have them swirled together!   Step 3. ADD TOPPINGS- Guests add as many candy toppings as they want making it a different flavor experience each and every time!
STEP 1: PICK YOUR FUN STICKS. Choose up to FOUR options of fun sticks for up to 75 people and TWO fun sticks for 75+ guests -to have your cotton candy spun on
Plain Cones included
STEP 2: CHOOSE YOUR COTTON CANDY FLAVORS. Choose up to FOUR flavors for up to 75 people and TWO flavors for 75+ guests:
STEP 3: ADD YOUR FAVORITE TOPPINGS. Pick as many choices as you want!

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