Our Story


Our family came up with this idea on the last day of school at our big end of the year carnival block party Summer, 2020. We bought our very first cotton candy machine, old fashioned pop corn machine and face paints. I sat and watched my kids spin and serve cotton cotton for six hours straight to all the kids in the neighborhood that day and my mind was blown. I knew I wanted to start a family business but up until that day, I didnt have a concept. Seeing the joy and awe in all those kids faces waiting for their fluff stuff along with the joy my kids were having spinning and serving it, I knew instantly we had our concept. I began researching and discovering the most mind blowing ways you can serve cotton candy- Wait,you could spin cotton candy on glow sticks and lollipops? You can put toppings on cotton candy and it won’t fall through? No Way!- Hours and Hours of researching how to spin, what to spin on, and all the amazing topping possibilities, HyperHouse Sweets came to life. -Tanya Robertson, co-founder

A New Concept for a Classic Pastime Sweet

The first Gourmet Cotton Candy Bar in Orange County! Now catering parties, events, or just for fun, Hyper House Sweets specializes in a unique and fun way to eat cotton candy. Developed and ran by kids and mom, rest assured, you’ve never had cotton candy like this before!

Gluten Free

Certified Organic

No Additives

Sugar Free

We offer an option for all dietary restrictions: Gluten Free, USDA Organic flavors contains no additives or food coloring dyes and is grown under strict organic guidelines, and Sugar-Free options available.


Though it may seem like something made completely of sugar (with food colouring or other flavouring added) would be pretty much the worst thing in the world for you to eat, it should be noted that it only takes about 30 grams of sugar to make a typical serving size of cotton candy, which is about 9 grams less than a 12 ounce can of soda!!

We Can Turn Any House into a HyperHouse!

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